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Tonight’s Debate, Part IV

By on 8.11.11 | 10:50PM

Byron York of the Washington Examiner asks if Bachmann would "be submissive" to her husband if she were elected president. Bachmann handles the question very well, and very graciously, explaining that this Biblical language means that she respects her husband, a "godly" man and good father.

Huntsman defends his support of civil unions without backing off at all, and earns respectful applause from the Iowa audience.

Asked by York if he is more pro-life than Santorum, Pawlenty boasts about his record in Minnesota and references a National Review piece calling him the best pro-life candidate in the field. He's been consistent in referring to his actual accomplishments.

In answering a question about the debt ceiling, Bachmann cites an inaccurate debt figure, falsely suggests that the debt ceiling hike gave Obama a "blank check," and then distorts S&P's justification for downgrading U.S. debt. She is capable of good one-liners, but this is demagogic.

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