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The Day Ahead: Monday, August 8

By on 8.8.11 | 8:04AM

The administration will change the No Child Left Behind Act using executive waivers (Politico)

The Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill unintentionally devastating mining in Congo (New York Times)

Time Geithner intends to stay at Treasury through Obama's first term (Politico)

President Obama will attend two DNC fundraisers in Washington, D.C. today (ABC News)

Riots in London stretch into 3rd day (Wall Street Journal)

Candidates focus criticisms of Obama as Ames Straw Poll nears (Bloomberg)

Rick Perry: God is wise enough not to choose a political party:

S&P's Regulatory Politics by John Berlau & Matthew Melchiorre: It should be easier now for advocates of limited government to keep the focus on restoring economic growth.

Santorum Barnstorming Iowa, by Robert Stacy McCain: Republican says media are ignoring him on purpose.

The Obama Downgrade, by Jed Babbin: Meanwhile, Republicans had better prepare to downgrade the Supercommittee.

Close Call, by J.T. Young: For congressional Republicans, it's a good thing the Wall Street slide didn't happen a week earlier.

Doing the Math, by Peter Hannaford: The debt ceiling bill seems like a Republican win, but there is still plenty to worry about.

School of Unemployment, by RiShawn Biddle: The economic crisis begins in American schools. It's time to take action.

Brazil Stumbles, by George H. Wittman: Don't believe the hype. Socialism still doesn't work in Latin America.

Stepanek Steps Up, by Roger Kaplan: When will American tennis?

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