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Too Close to Call

By on 1.29.06 | 9:34PM

Admittedly, I'm hopeful that Roy Blunt doesn't have this race wrapped up just yet (see below). But the article on the race in the Washington Post tomorrow confirms my hopes... and suspicions:

With 92 declared supporters, Blunt remains the favorite, well ahead of Boehner's 49 declared supporters and Shadegg's 16. But House members and advisers say the race remains more open than it looks. All three candidates will make presentations to a gathering of conservative House members in Baltimore today. The House returns tomorrow for President Bush's State of the Union address, the first time most members will have the chance to discuss the race among themselves.

A few points that bear repeating: 1- Phone commitments are shaky; 2- This is a secret ballot; 3- Blunt has more than 25 unaccounted supporters. Who are these folks, how reliable are they, and why won't they publicly declare? Don't get me wrong: this race is uphill for the Shadegg crowd. But call your representatives. It's not over 'till it's over.

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