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Conservatives Are More Open-Minded Than Liberals in Dating?

By on 8.1.11 | 3:23PM

According to insiders, conservatives are more open-minded to dating someone outside their political circle than liberals. This insight comes from a Financial Times report appearing in Slate, in which Amarnath Thombre, an engineer at Match who works on their algorithm, notes that when they started focusing on how users actually behaved versus what they said they wanted, they found some unlikely results:

As a result, Match began "weighting" variables differently, according to how users behaved. For example, if conservative users were actually looking at profiles of liberals, the algorithm would learn from that and recommend more liberal users to them. Indeed, says Thombre, "the politics one is quite interesting. Conservatives are far more open to reaching out to someone with a different point of view than a liberal is." That is, when it comes to looking for love, conservatives are more open-minded than liberals.

All kinds of reasons may explain this. And that is why, friends, we have a comments section. Go to town.

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