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Lib Blogs Change Meds

By on 1.28.06 | 5:44PM

Someone must have cut off their absinthe and Prozac. The lib blogs are going nuts over the Kerry mini-buster against the Alito nomination. The Boys from Lord of the Flies -- the DailyKos temper tanrtum teens, FireDogLake and Democratunderground, among others -- are all linking arms and running toward the same cliff. Apparently, Teddy was on the phone with them asking for "netroots" help with the Dems who -- so far -- haven't joined up with them. The Filibuster crew now numbers about 15. Which is a long way from 41.

The most interesting part of this is that Hillary has endorsed the filibuster. Poor Chuckie Schumer. For once, someone beat him to a microphone. He must be distraught.

Keep an eye on this one. What will the NYT say tomorrow? Until we know that, we can't know how the rest of the Dems will go. NYT, after all, is their think tank cum operational commander. (I wonder what Jill Abrahamson has in store for tomorrow?)

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