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Wynn Resorts CEO Slams Obama for Economy

By on 7.19.11 | 8:13AM

From Joe Weisenthal at BusinessInsider, another rant from Wynn Resorts CEO Steve Wynn:

The guy keeps making speeches about redistribution and maybe we ought to do something to businesses that don't invest, their holding too much money. We haven't heard that kind of talk except from pure socialists. Everybody's afraid of the government and there's no need soft peddling it, it's the truth. It is the truth. And that's true of Democratic businessman and Republican businessman, and I am a Democratic businessman and I support Harry Reid. I support Democrats and Republicans. And I'm telling you that the business community in this company is frightened to death of the weird political philosophy of the President of the United States. And until he's gone, everybody's going to be sitting on their thumbs.

This is some great red meat, but Wynn is a curious figure, particularly in saying that he supports his state's senator, Harry Reid. At what point during Obama's presidency has Reid not carried water for him? How can he single out Reid as a figure worth supporting, but not Obama?

And interesting trivia: Wynn donated to the campaign of Billy Tauzin III, who ran for his father's seat after his father left Congress and took a job as a lobbyist for PhRMA. Dad's crowning achievement in that position? Obamacare.

Perhaps Wynn's support for politicians whose policies he despises makes him a more credible critic -- he even donated to Obama's campaign in 2008. But supporting Reid still is an untenable position when crying out against big government.

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