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Clemens Judge Declares Mistrial

By on 7.14.11 | 12:24PM

Ever since February, when Judge Reggie Walton and his old friend Ken Griffey Sr. had a controversial, off-the-record discussion about what a "good guy" Roger Clemens really is, insiders have been speculating as to when and how Walton will end the case in Clemens' favor. Now we have our answer (and it only took him a couple days.)

ESPN is reporting that Walton today declared a mistrial in USA vs. Clemens on the grounds that prosecutors showed inadmissable evidence to the newly-minted jury. Apparently, prosecutors showed a video of Clemens' 2008 testimony, in which a congressman on the tape referred to some inadmissable statements made by Andy Pettite. "I think a first-year law student would know that you can't bolster the credibility of one witness with clearly inadmissable evidence" Walton was quoted as saying.

Clemens' attorney Rusty Hardin will argue for the case's complete dismissal at a double-jeopardy hearing on September 2. In the meantime, Roger can breathe easy. I imagine he and wife Debbie will be enjoying a nice dinner with good ol' Rusty this evening somewhere in Washington, D.C.

Prosecutor Steven Durham can catch the next train to Pawtucket.

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