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Jack Kemp

By on 7.13.11 | 11:03AM

Today would have been the 76th birthday of the man many called the "godfather of Reaganomics" - Jack Kemp.

Amid all the hue and cry from all the usual suspects to raise taxes, the voice of Jack Kemp is sorely missed. His family and many, many friends and former staffers are taking a moment today to remember a wonderful, exuberant and imaginative man who made real history.

For those in decision making positions, it would be more than worthwhile to get your hands on a copy of Jack's book An American Renaissance, (here's the Amazon page). The book came out on the eve of the 1980 election -- and proved to be a blueprint for the stunning economic successes that followed. Some 21 million jobs were created by the end of the Reagan presidency, the unemployment rate down from double digits to 5.4 percent. 

Now that is a real economic recovery.

Happy Birthday to the man who would instantly say we can do it again and demand of his own party: be a leader!

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