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Barghouti in exchange for Pollard

By on 1.26.06 | 2:35PM

The Hamas smash triumph in the PA parliamentary elections, unexplained and unexpected by all news sources with the small exception of my radio show and my best sources in Gaza and the West Bank, now makes possible (and much more likely) one of the great politically cynical deals of this early 21st century.

Acting PM Olmert now said to be leading the think tank of the otherwise unorganized Forward Party with the bold, fresh and over the top idea of maneuvering a release of Al Aqsa founder and Fatah superhero Marwan Barghouti, serving five life terms for murders, in exchange for the release of disgraced, bizarre, said to be Orthodox superhero and not so super espionage agent Jonathan Pollard, serving eternity in news media silence in North Carolina.

Makes no sense? How does this help Olmert? What does this mean for Team Bush? What peace process? Why Barghouti? What does Hamas have to do with the Free Pollard crowd? Isn't Barghouti a hothead? Isn't Pollard a hothead?

More soon.

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