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The Day Ahead: Monday, July 11

By on 7.11.11 | 8:28AM

President Obama will take reporters' questions on the debt ceiling negotiations 11 a.m. at the White House before meeting with Republicans for discussions (Politico)

Rep. Michele Bachmann defines constitutional conservatism (Daily Caller)

The House will vote on Rep. Joe Barton's bill to repeal restrictions on incandescent light bulbs (National Journal)

There will be a "sense of the Senate" vote on whether those earning more than $1 million should make a "more meaningful contribution" to deficit reduction (New York Times)

Tim Pawlenty says that Michele Bachmann's record of accomplishment in Congress is nonexistent:

Beware of 'If-Then' Budget Deals by Jed Babbin: The tax increases tend to happen while the spending cuts don't.

Trials of the Tea Party, by Green Lantern: Surveying the presidential field and the broader political scene.

Where's Taiwan? by Peter Hannaford: Not very high in this administration's list of priorities.

Entebbe Celebrated, by Daniel Mandel: 35 years ago this week, Israel claimed one of the biggest triumphs in its war on terror. Much has changed.

Brigid, by Ben Stein: A dog's devotion.

Painting A Picture, by Patrick O'Hannigan: Why America is still worth celebrating.

Fiscal Crisis At Tipping Point, by Janice Shaw Crouse: What kind of world are we leaving our children? 

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