The Spectacle Blog Threatens Boycott of Obama Re-Election

By on 7.8.11 | 1:13PM

Democrats are reportedly playing word games to spin President Obama's offer of Social Security benefit reductions in return for Republican agreement on closing a few tax loopholes in the debt-ceiling budget negotiations. But while the White House has tried to portray the GOP as stubbornly intractable right-wing extremists beholden to the ultra-rich, the real problem is that Obama has limited room for maneuver because of serious problems with his own left-wing supporters. is now threatening to boycott the president's re-election campaign:

Dear MoveOn member,
News just broke that President Obama is offering to cut Social Security as part of the debt deal they're working out in Washington right now. And reports say he's stopped pushing to eliminate the Bush tax cuts for millionaires in these negotiations.
If both these things are true, it's an absolute outrage. When asked, 75% of MoveOn members said that if a deal like this were to go through, they'd be less likely to donate to or volunteer for President Obama's re-election campaign. . . .
Here's the text to copy into your Facebook status when you share this graphic: "If Barack Obama cuts Social Security to pay for the Bush tax cuts for millionaires, I won't ever give his campaign another dime. Repost and reshare this image if you agree." . . .

At least one young conservative blogger has endorsed the boycott, as I've observed: "Of course, he wasn't going to give Obama a dime to begin with -- but it's the thought that counts, right?"

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