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Obama’s Right-Hand Woman

By on 7.7.11 | 3:40PM

One thing worth highlighting from Paul Kengor's exposé of high-level White House advisor Valerie Jarrett, is her endorsement of "Green Jobs Czar" Van Jones.

Both the Obamas liken Jarrett to a sibling, and the president clears all his major initiatives with her, saying she is "someone I trust completely."

All the more troubling, then, that Jarrett enthusiastically supported the appointment of Van Jones in 2009, describing him as someone "we were so delighted to be able to recruit... into the White House." Jones, a Marxist, was soon forced to resign amid controversy about his support for the 9/11 "truther" movement.

And just yesterday Jones appeared at the Campus Progress national conference and criticized Americans for Tax Reform president (and Spectator contributor) Grover Norquist, painting his Taxpayer Protection Pledge as a way for legislators to weaken their existing oath to defend the Constitution by diverting loyalty to the issue of stopping tax hikes.

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