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Pawlenty Likely Outraised By Ron Paul

By on 7.1.11 | 4:06PM

Tim Pawlenty's presidential campaign is announcing that the former Minnesota governor has raised $4.2 milliion in the second quarter, though it remains unclear how much of this is for the primary versus the general. Spokesman Alex Conant noted in a statement that Pawlenty "begins the third quarter with more available cash-on-hand than the Republicans who won the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary had in July 2007."

Not bad. This puts Pawlenty well below frontrunner Mitt Romney but in league with other potential competitors like Jon Huntsman. But sources say Ron Paul will report raising at least $4.5 million last quarter, possibly more, putting him ahead of Pawlenty. The fundraising dealine was June 30 and the campaigns' reports are due on July 15.

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