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RE: Mark Halperin Calls Obama “A Dick”

By on 6.30.11 | 2:11PM

As Matthew Vadum writes below, political prognosticator and MSNBC contributor Mark Halperin has been suspended from his gig on the network after calling President Obama a "dick."

Funny, that's the exact opposite of how Halperin and co-author John Heilemann portrayed then-presidential candidate Obama in Game Change. In fact, Obama is just about the only political player from the book who comes off looking good. Not only good, but great: Cool under pressure, cool in the face of criticism, cool in how he walks and talks. Just plain cool.

That didn't surprise me when I first read Game Change early last year, what with the journalistic lust orgy for Obama, but it does make Halperin's latest remarks more, well, cool.

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