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The Day Ahead: Thursday, June 30

By on 6.30.11 | 7:43AM

Robert Gates will step down as defense secretary in a ceremony at the Pentagon (ABC)

Comedian Stephen Colbert will testify before the FEC on forming a super PAC (Washington Post)

Republican candidates hustle to raise cash as today ends the first fundraising period for most of them (Washington Post)

Former Obama budget chief Peter Orszag will testify before the Senate Finance committe on deficit reduction (New York Times)

Obama gets age of daughter Malia (age 12) wrong while trying to chide Republicans:

On the main site:

J. Gordon Coogler Award Rescinded, Shawcross Forgiven by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.: In tribute to a rare, honorable public intellectual.

An Obsession With Corporate Jets, by Andrew Cline: Our president was against taxing them before he was for it.

Obama's Medical Mystery Shoppers, by Ross Kaminsky: Big Brother Obama and Big Sis Sebelius tighten the noose on America's doctors.

Evolutions in Obama's America, by George Neumayr: He has long signaled his support for gay marriage.

Celebrating the Creation of a Single Job, by Andrew B. Wilson: Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon does a job-creation victory dance.

Meet the Suburban Parents, by Lewis M. Andrews: The other obstacle to public school reform.

The Keyboard Anarchists, by Christopher Orlet: Hacktivists of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your pajamas.

Tie Breaking, by James M. Thunder: Man's ingeniousness on the playing fields of life.

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