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McCain-Graham Republican? Them’s Fightin’ Words!

By on 6.29.11 | 10:03AM

Tim Pawlenty may agree with John McCain and Lindsey Graham on foreign policy. Just don't call him a McCain-Graham Republican. Here's an exchange with Jeffrey Goldberg:

"I prefer that it not be that," Pawlenty said, as his face clouded over. "I prefer that it be my own views that are referenced." Later, he unaccountably returned to the issue. "I wish you could think of another way to describe this wing of the party, other than McCain and Lindsey Graham. I love John, but that's like saying we're embracing Nelson Rockefeller on economics."

Like Nelson Rockefeller on economics. Even the Republican presidential candidate most in line with the neoconservatives is showing that the neocons aren't in vogue this year.

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