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And Now Salon Will Destroy America!

By on 6.27.11 | 5:16PM

Salon paid me the honor of listing me among their "usual anti-gay suspects" reacting to the New York law. I'm described as "[r]iffing off long-discredited arguments." Their examples don't make much sense, however, unless "discredited" now means "I disagree with this."

Of course, one can disagree that there will be any consequences to severing marriage's last link to biology. But on the question of whether most gays will marry or what the number of gay marriages will look like, I'm merely basing that on the empirical facts. Pretty much everywhere gay marriage has been legalized there is a relatively large number of gay marriages as the backlog clears, followed by a decline. Maybe New York will be different, but for now this shouldn't even be a controversial statement.

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