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Gay Marriage Comes to New York

By on 6.25.11 | 11:56AM

Last night Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill insituting gay marriage in New York state. The Republican-led senate, which was the last remaining obstacle to the bill's passage, voted for the bill 33-29 earlier in the evening. Four Republicans voted for the bill, which includes broader religious freedom provisions than other same-sex marriage bills that have become law.

New York will start performing gay marriages in 30 days. It is now the largest state that allows gay marriage.

In all, last night was a massive victory for Cuomo. He had pushed for gay marriage from the start, and the bill represents a signature achievement for him. The legislature also passed a number of other important measures last night, include caps on property tax hikes. With this bill under his belt and sky-high approval ratings, Cuomo already has to be thought of as a major Democratic player on the national scene.

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