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Nation-Building at Home

By on 6.24.11 | 4:46PM

If President Obama wants to lift metaphors from Thomas Friedman, then it's only fair that Matt Welch rips his Afghanistan troop withdrawal speech to shreds. The offending metaphor? That instead of nation-building in Afghanistan, it "is time to focus on nation building here at home."

Welch also notes that Obama's been selling infrastructure repairs for a long time now: 

If the rebuild-our-infrastructure vow sounds familiar, that's because Barack Obama has been demanding we do precisely that since campaigning for president, being elected president, pushing through a $787 billion stimulus package in early 2009, announcing a $50 billion infrastructure-building plan in September 2010, making his 2011 State of the Union address, and on and on. Why, it's almost as if his repeated promises to stimulate the economy by rebuilding infrastructure results in precisely neither of those things happening! 

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