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Rudy’s ‘Culture of Life’

By on 6.13.11 | 11:09AM

John, when Rudy Giuliani was mayor New York City allowed late-term abortions, used city funds to pay for abortion, and was generally one of the easiest places to obtain an abortion in the country. Giuliani made no attempt to alter this state of affairs and personally donated money to Planned Parenthood, the country's largest abortion provider, during this time period. What evidence is there that any of Giuliani's policies contributed to the drop in abortions?

As far as Giuliani's consistency on the issue, his "operationally pro-life" stance was itself a flip-flop. As late as 2007, Giuliani was fuzzy on taxpayer funding of abortion. He originally opposed a federal ban on partial-birth abortion that even Daniel Patrick Moynihan voted for and during his aborted 2000 Senate campaign was unwilling to reverse that position even to secure the Conservative Party ballot line. Seven years later, he clearly found this position untenable in the Republican primaries.

Giuliani served New York City well. But a decade removed from the "America's Mayor" plaudits and after an embarrassing 2008 Republican presidential campaign, the case for pro-lifers to choose him over one of their own looks awfully thin. 

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