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Presidential Conspiracy Theories, Iran Quadrant

By on 1.24.06 | 3:33PM

Six dead and two dozen wounded in two explosive device attacks this news cycle, the day of a scheduled visit by the chief executive officer. Sound like U.S., France, Israel? Wrong. The report is from the Iran southern city of Ahvaz. One explosive device in front of a bank; the second in front of a government natural resources office. Ahmadinejad's visit was scheduled for January 24, today; but had been cancelled because -- the expedient explanation after the plane crash at Tehran last weeks that dispatched the high command of the IRGC -- of bad weather.

You will recall the strange report some weeks back of a gunfight attack on a presidential convoy in southeast Iran, when a presidential bodyguard (driver) and a so-called bandit were killed by gunfire. The explanation at the time was that the attack was ignorant, random Baluchi bandits (Baluchistan is a beggarly, abused stateless chauvinistic enterprise spread over three countries [Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan]), and that we were not to leap to theories based on the fact that Ahmadinejad was some many air miles away at the time.

No leapt theories today, either; just waiting on Iranian confirmation that these explosive devices were the work of (a) Zionist agents (b) backfires or (c) the great Satan in his manifold disguises.

Is Iran stable? Is any oil-soaked tyranny stable in the 21st century? Bumpy ride, it's gonna be, seatbelts, fasten.

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