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Presumption of Guilt

By on 6.4.11 | 6:07PM

So, Casey is presumed innocent unless and until a jury finds her guilty. But, face it: the media has already found her guilty -- guilty of determined lying and therefore, murder. In fact, one of the two TV networks offering more or less constant coverage of the trial has a little bloc in the lower right hand corner of its signatory picture: it switches from a close-up of the little victim to the words: "Justice for Caylee." Not, of course, justice for the tot Mom Casey. The obvious is obvious: in order for justice to be visited upon the little victim, Caylee, her mother must be found guilty of her slaying.

Well, why not? you say. One little reason is the presumption of innocence attendant all such accused. So, the accused has not conducted herself wisely in court. What this side of Hollywood could she have done? What, look adopted? And so, we beat on, boats against the current.

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