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Re: Block the Bulb-Smashers!

By on 6.3.11 | 10:43AM

Doug Bandow is right. It is beyond outrageous, beyond pathetic, beyond belief that the bill to repeal the light-bulb ban has not even enjoyed a hearing, much less gotten a committee vote. By now, it should have passed the committee, passed the full House, and been subject to a discharge petition in the Senate. I don't give a fig what else Congress has been working on: This bill is so simple, so straightforward, that it should take virtually no legislative time at all. A note to Speaker Boehner's staff: People are watching. People are PASSIONATE about this issue. There are people who will literally stay home from elections, rather than voting for Republicans, if Congress is too feckless to act on it.  What people in the Beltway STILL don't understand is that what drives so much of the anger in the hinterlands isn't the huge things Washington does wrong, but the endless accumulation of "little things" that mess with our lives and annoy the living $&^%#&*^$*^#$* out of us.

Banning the incandescent light bulb is one of those things.  Repeal the ban, now! Actually: Repeal it yesterday, because not even yesterday is soon enough.

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