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Cell Phone Cancer Democrats

By on 6.2.11 | 3:02PM

Leading Democrats in the House want to create a whole new multi-million research project to investigate whether cell phone use causes cancer in the wake of an overhyped report from the World Health Organization claiming that the devices "might" be linked to the disease. The report notes there is no evidence of any causal link and that the "risk," if you can call it that, is the same as drinking coffee. This is what the Democrats worry about rather than Medicare. The risk of brain cancer has declined over the 30 years the cell phone use has exploded. And of course no major media outlet has reported that the absolute risk of brain cancer is nearly one in three million. Or that cell phones have contributed many benefits. Just another example of how pols seeking media attention fuel fear and legitimize lawsuits. The risk of receiving a Weiner tweet is much, much greater.  

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