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Sy Hersh’s Iran Fantasies

By on 6.1.11 | 4:19PM

Seymour Hersh has an article in the current New Yorker claiming that the Iran is not seeking nuclear weapons. Politico reports that, according to a senior official,  "the article garnered 'a collective eye roll' from the White House."

This brings to mind a classic exchange at a 2006 subcommittee hearing where Dennis Kucinich asked John Bolton about an article in which Hersh claimed that US Marines were operating inside Iran. Bolton said he hadn't read Hersh's piece and had no intention of reading it. "If I gave you this article right now, walked it over," Kucinich asked, "would you look at it?"

"I don't think so, honestly, Congressman," replied Bolton, "because I don't have time to read much fiction."

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