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Is That Anthony’s Weiner? He “Can’t Say With Certitude”

By on 6.1.11 | 3:54PM

Asked if the lewd picture that graced his Twitter account on Friday night was a picture of him (see Stacy's piece from yesterday if you're just joining us on this story), Anthony Weiner says "I can't say with certitude."

Oh my. This implies three things:

1) Anthony Weiner owns a pair of grey boxer-briefs similar to those in the picture.

2) The picture is, to put it as delicately as possible, consistent with his anatomy.

3) Anthony Weiner has sent racy pictures of himself across the internet in the past, often enough that he can't keep track of all them that are out there. (Jonah Goldberg riffs on this point.)

At this point it's actually better for Weiner if he's lying and in fact knows very well that this was a picture of his nether regions. Because if point 3 is true, the story is only just beginning.

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