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By on 5.31.11 | 1:00PM

You heard me. Dagnabbit!

After such a promising beginning, we may not reach our quarterly fundraising goal of $50,000 by the deadline of June 1st.

You can help by making a gift of $25, $50, $120, $250, $1,000 or your most generous contribution today.

I would greatly appreciate your support.

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Although I like to think we are pretty good at it, there is so much more to the Spectator than caterwauling and bamboozling. We provide thoughtful, erudite analysis rarely seen anymore in the usual 24/7 churn and burn media outlets. Your financial support will help us to continue to promote individual liberty, free markets, and limited government.

We are planning an upcoming feature on the campaign financing racket. Don't you want to know how your political contributions are being spent? Which corporate pockets fund the most legislators?

I certainly do!

Know that our small but spry band of reporters, editors, and minions work feverishly to put your precious dollars to good use.

Thank you once again for your readership and support. I try not to bother you with requests such as this too often. Most of my time is spent digging up dirt on the statists, reporting their follies, and writing books, but the honest truth is that the Spectator relies heavily on the private support of individuals such as yourself.

Please consider making your most generous donation today.

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