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Mark Levin Book Saves Soldier’s Life — Literally

By on 5.25.11 | 12:13PM

Here's a story you won't hear every day.

Bob from Las Vegas calls in to the Levin show. It seems that some time ago Bob, an avid Levin fan and a canine handler in Vietnam, had called in and the host kindly sent him a copy of his book Rescuing Sprite.

As his fans well know, Levin is the dog lover's dog lover and his tale of his own dog was a bestseller.

So Bob loves the book, and sends it to his soldier son, deployed on his third tour of duty in Iraq. The son puts the book in his right pocket as he heads out on a mission. And he gets shot.


The bullet rips through the pocket where Levin's book is being carried. By the time it makes its way through the pages and chews out the soldier's thigh it has mostly done its damage -- to the book. Damage that could have been fatal without the book essentially acting as body armor.

Bob from Las Vegas calls in, "compelled to call," clearly tearful, to thank a stunned Levin for literally saving his son's life.

Here's the audio.


Oh yes. Levin is sending another book to Bob.

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