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The Day Ahead: Wednesday, May 25

By on 5.25.11 | 8:29AM

President Obama will address Parliament and take questions from the British press (New York Times)

The House works on defense bill under veto threat from Obama (Businessweek)

Tim Pawlenty will discuss downsizing government at the Cato Institute, 2 p.m. (Cato)

John Edwards will be indicted for campaign finance law violations related to the cover-up of his affair (USA Today)

Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan will sign a landmark tax reform bill today (Detroit Free Press)

Things get tense between Rep. Patrick McHenry and Elizabeth Warren at a committee hearing:

The Arab World and Its Discontents by Andrew B. Wilson: The bitter harvest that came from having too much money. 

Jehovah or Marx? by Peter Ferrara: On the question of Israel, Obama supporters will have to decide whose side they're on.

Eye on the Ball, by Roger Kaplan: The focus on day two of the French championnat was on John Isner, the American who stood tall and played bigger.  

Career Planning for Dummies, by Gerald Nachman: So much for being able to write, let alone see the handwriting on the wall.

Unionization via Regulation, by Ivan Osorio: Republicans lawmakers push back on Obama overreach on behalf of private unions.

Enough? by Lisa Fabrizio: How much more mischief are loyal Democrat constituents still willing to put up with from their leaders?

Survival of the Well-Connected, by Ralph R. Reiland: Obamacare is all about winners and the rest of you.

Monkeying With Gibbon's, by Aram Bakshian, Jr.: America's decline and fall -- exclusively under center-right Republican administrations. 

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