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Pray for This Guy

By on 5.24.11 | 4:37PM

A former union leader has (gasp!) joined a free-market, limited-government think tank. From my friends at the Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Solutions in Pennsylvania:

Pearre Dean, a 14-year government relations veteran for the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), left the labor movement due to his inability to reconcile the ill effects forced unionism has on private enterprise and taxpayers.

"After more than a decade of seeing the other side, it's clear to me the private sector creates jobs, not the government sector-it's time the tail stops wagging the dog," said Dean. "Part of my new mission is to expand workers' freedom and get government out of the business of competing with private enterprise and taking advantage of taxpayers."

Dean joins the independent, nonprofit think tank as a senior fellow where he will continue his successful career with legislative and community outreach....

"I still believe in and will protect the rights of voluntary association," said Dean. "But it is time we ended forced unionism of employees and curtailed the special privileges granted only to organized labor to the detriment of workers and taxpayers."

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