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The Day Ahead: Monday, May 23

By on 5.23.11 | 7:58AM

President Obama begins Europe visit in Ireland to visit relatives (USA Today)

Bibi Netanyahu and John Boehner to give addresses at AIPAC (The Hill)

The Senate will vote to end debate on extension of expiring Patriot Act provisions (Washington Post)

Tim Pawlenty to announce run for president (Huffington Post)

His video:

On the main site:

The Unkindest Cuts by W. James Antle, III: Is there room for scrutiny of the Pentagon budget in the GOP presidential field?

Barry's Bullying Failed With Bibi, by Jed Babbin: The community organizer was no match for the special ops vet.

A Reset to Pakistan's Blasphemy Laws?, by Doug Bandow: The country's problems go much deeper than the shelter in provided Osama bin Laden.

Famine to Feast, by Bill Croke: Record snowpack levels will soon result in major flooding through the normally arid West.

He's No Teddy, by RiShawn Biddle: Iowa super-lib Tom Harkin remains one very ineffective senator.

Hooked Phones and Other Fables, by Peter Hannaford: Something to think about for the foreseeable future.

Win Win, by James Bowman: A movie with some moral seriousness, which is more than we usually get from Hollywood these days.

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