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Fake Trump Bubble Collapses

By on 5.10.11 | 2:10PM

Public Policy Polling:

Donald Trump has had one of the quickest rises and falls in the history of Presidential politics. Last month we found him leading the Republican field with 26%. In the space of just four weeks he's dropped all the way down to 8%, putting him in a tie for fifth place with Ron Paul.

The April poll and the new poll can't actually be compared on an apples-to-apples basis; as I noted at the time, Trump's total was probably inflated by the order and wording of the questions. Those issues aren't present in the new poll; the questions are written to treat Trump the same as other candidates. It's an open question how much the of the drop in his support can be attributed to methodology and how much is voters simply noticing the unseriousness of Trump's publicity stunt (which has always been vanishingly unlikely to amount to a real presidential campaign). In any case, we can probably stop pretending that The Donald is going to be a factor in 2012.

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