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Harry Reid Has Seen the Future: Green Jobs in Red China

By on 4.28.11 | 8:40AM

It's on. No longer are we to look at Plans A, B, C, or D (Spain, Germany, Denmark, Japan) as the supposed ‘clean energy economy' successes. Nope. Those didn't fare so well under scrutiny, so now Harry Reid has seen the future, and it works: ‘green energy' in Red China.

Here's to some fun walking through the vacuity of this latest comparison, a country whose average manufacturing job pays $0.64 per hour and which does not in fact mandate the things, but builds them to satisfy the vanity and lack of intellectual curiosity, or grasp, of Western politicians like Harry Reid.

Remember, this is the same team with the foresight to declare Denmark - a country with half the population of Manhattan - as a model for the U.S. energy economy (Oh yes, and China as a model for our high-speed rail future...)

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