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OBL Speaks of Truce

By on 1.19.06 | 6:51PM

How long will it be before the first Dem says we should talk to bin Laden about his truce offer? It is only a matter of time until one of them does. Is there one among the Dems who will say we will not speak of truces with terrorists, that their unconditional surrender is the only condition on which this war can possibly end? Is there one of Dean's lemmings who will say that the terrorist ideology will bring only misery, suffering and death to bin Laden’s adherents and their kin in

Iran, Syria and wherever else they may be?  No. There is none such among the party of George McGovern. It is left to us to say, play the degüello. We are not the barbarians we fight, so those who choose to surrender will be treated humanely. And the rest will be killed, just as fast we can find them.

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