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A Shout-out to the Earthers

By on 4.22.11 | 1:59PM

It's that time again, Lenin's Birthday -- sheer coincidence, I know...unless you talk to some folks who were around at the time, when Sen. Gaylord Nelson created this annual airing of the increasingly exaggerated grievances; remember, he was the same guy who went way to FDR's left to institute collective bargaining for public employee unions.

The environment was just seen as the latest ‘victim of capitalism' to which that team could lash their agenda, and that move really took off when the former supposed victim, the worker, shrugged off the yoke of communism leaving our redder friends little option but to don the green as Plan B.

Bringing us back to V.I., whose birthday is nothing to celebrate, as even the massive imposition of death and misery by the modern environmentalist movement pale in comparison to that which he unleashed.

Still, in practice, the two -isms do have quite a lot in common, as I quote so many greenie adherents saying in that best Earth Day gift or treat for one's self, the Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism.

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