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Tel Aviv Bomber Al Aqsa

By on 1.19.06 | 3:22PM

Trusted source speaking to terror gangs identified Tel Aviv bomber as Sam Antar, 20 years old, who belonged to both Al Aqsa in Balata camp as well as Islamic Jihad in Balata camp. Like joining both the Dead Rabbitts and the Bowery B'hoys at Five Points. Dicey but doable if you are a bomb mule, sometimes known as a martyr. His head now rests in a body bag.

Attack commanded by Ala Senakreh of Al Aqsa, who is a regular chatty type. Early indiation that the bomber hit the wrong target. Either premature explosion (fussing with belt in boys bathroom) or just stupid nervous with his prayers, chanted himself into the wrong room.

IDF counter strikes going out now. Aim at Jenin area, at AA and IJ.

Abbas asleep already at Ramallah. Hamas in Gaza refuses to talk on air tonight, as if we might assume Hamas is part of the op. What's Arabic for "born-yesterday-not"?

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