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Quisling Rising

By on 1.19.06 | 1:23PM

Hallucinatory and dangerous Ahmadinejad is in Damascus for two days of brainstorming how to attack the tabloid United States, crouching Lebanon, mullah soaked Iraq, and confused Israel using terror gang cut-outs in order to draw attention from the showdown at the IAEA on February 2,3.

Extreme knothead Bashar al-Assad, in his new role as Corgi to the Persian bloodhound, rolled over and announced his support for Iran's nuclear weapons program at Natanz and other semi-secret, completely non-bombable underground sites.

The al-Assads, weakened by family feuding and the beggary of the oil cut-off from Saddam's gang, need Ahmadinejad to approve a new credit line as well as negotiate with the Saudis and French so they can stay in power. You will recall that the Saudis, especially the royal bastard Bandar (who wants to be king once the octogenarian set tumbles off the podium of life), want a Sunni-Moslem Brother solution in Damascus. Tehran nixes Bandar's bright ideas; however, Tehran is stuck with the terminally stupid Bashar and his scary, Medusa of a sister Bushra.

Ahmadinejad will order a general offensive the next six weeks, against Beirut, against Jerusalem, against Baghdad. The terror gangs in Damascus, especially the Gaza dominant Hamas, will obey.

Smile when the Murthaites and Deaniacs and Pelosians claim that Iran is none of our affair. Quisling rising.

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