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Obama, PromiseKeeper

By on 4.12.11 | 11:20AM

I just read (h/t Hot Air) that "Obama promised the most outrageous things in the world - oceans would lower!-and delivered on exactly zero of those promises."

But, wait...

Of course, any fool knows that, with cap-n-trade having failed, EPA only just now cramming down its backdoor effort at the same power grab, and the billions in 'stimulus' dollars having only recently been sent overseas... this is obviously the work of the Bush administration's policies.

I'm kidding, of course. As a particular Democrat senator informed us at a 2003 hearing in explaining why 2002 wasn't as warm as had been promised: it's because the economy slowed down.

Showing that Bush, Obama and the entire political class can actually share credit on this one. And I think we've finally struck on how those 'green jobs' policies -- having performed economic miracles in Europe, gulp -- can have some detectable environmental impact, after all.

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