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In Wisconsin, The Counting Continues

By on 4.7.11 | 5:15PM

JoAnne Kloppenburg declared victory yesterday in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race, based on the AP's vote total, but the numbers have been adjusted for various reasons, pushing David Prosser back in the lead during the day. As I was writing this post, Kloppenburg regained the lead by a tiny margin. And we haven't even gotten to the inevitable recount.

UPDATE: Prosser is now in the lead by over 7000 votes, which had been lost due to a clerical error in Waukesha (as improbable as it may seem, this does appear to have been an honest mistake). Interestingly, based on what Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board has said, this may mean that Prosser's lead is outside the margin where Kloppenburg is entitled to have the state pay for a recount (or if it's not outside that margin, it's very close).

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