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Europe, Obama and Libya

By on 4.6.11 | 8:48AM

From Open Europe's daily update, here's an amusing note on the "President of Europe" a) somewhat disputing the Obama administration's credit-taking on Libya (an operation both might soon nonetheless declare an orphan), then b) doing his best Obama administration impersonation:

Herman Van Rompuy claims credit for Libyan operation
In a surprising declaration yesterday, EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy said: "From the beginning of the crisis, the European Union was at the forefront: the first to impose tough sanctions; the first to impose a travel ban on leading figures in the regime; the first to freeze Libyan assets; the first to recognise the Interim Transitional National Council as a valid interlocutor...Without European leadership there would have been massacres...We acted in time and without Europe nothing would have been done at the global level or at the UN level."

Meanwhile, speaking in the European Parliament, UKIP leader Nigel Farage noted that "hardman" Van Rompuy had "made it clear" that the aim of the Lybian [sic] military intervention was "regime change", or the removal of Gaddafi, while EU Foreign Minister Baroness Catherine Ashton, he said, had "contradicted" this point in later statements. "Here we have two big EU chiefs who, when it comes to the policy on Libya and Gaddafi, are in direct contradiction with each other," he argued.
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