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Rand Paul Responds to Obama on Libya

By on 3.29.11 | 12:22PM

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) delivered a response to the president's Libya address last night. One of his opening comments: "Libyan President Moammar Gadhafi is every bit the madman Ronald Reagan once said he was, but are the rebels adherents to Jeffersonian democracy or Bin Laden's radical jihad?" Paul continued:

Our brave men and women in uniform are patriotic defenders of our nation. They are members of the greatest military in the world, and in times of war, I am confident of their willingness and ability to ensure that our vital interests are protected.

But they should not be asked to be nation-builders or the world's policemen. And they should serve in wars authorized and called for by the United States Congress, not the United Nations.

At the moment, there are uprisings taking place across the Middle East. The problem with sending U.S. military to help rebels in Libya or anywhere else is that we are taking sides in a conflict and on behalf of a people whom we know nothing about.

Meanwhile, Reason's Matt Welch writes, "the next Republican president now has an even lower bar than before when it comes to launching a preemptive war."

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