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The Day Ahead: Friday, March 25

By on 3.25.11 | 8:57AM

What to watch for:

In the budget negotiations, Republicans are sticking to demands on riders pertaining to Planned Parenthood, EPA (Washington Post)

Obama's favorite, G.E., pays no U.S. taxes (New York Times)

Ohio Tea Partiers have great access to John Boehner (Wall Street Journal)

Gabrielle Giffords can now walk and talk, and she's starting to learn about Tucson shooting (ABC News)

On this day in 1774, the British parliament passed the Boston Port Act, intended to punish the city for the Tea Party (

On the main site:

A Wonk in Sheep's Clothing, by Philip Klein: For Mississippi governor Haley Barbour, the road to beating President Obama runs through public policy.

Power Plays, by The Prowler: How Obama took control over the Internet. Bachmann makes Boehner-Cantor's day.

War Is a Three-Letter Word, by Roger Kaplan: Syria's brutal Bashir al-Assad understands -- we should as well.

Obamacare and the Law's Delay, by David Catron: The DOJ asks the Supreme Court to abet its delay strategy on Obamacare litigation.

Dewey's Disciples: From Madison to Maryland and Beyond: The Soviets loved John Dewey and they still love him in Madison, Wisconsin, and wherever else public employee teachers have taken to the streets.

Jerry Brown's Dilemma, by Peter Hannaford: How to get away with raising taxes and avoiding budget cuts?

The Battle Moves to the States, by Grover G. Norquist: Government in Washington may be divided, but not in the rest of the country.

The Littlest Conductor, by Michael Johnson: This Sunday, four-year-old Jonathan Okseniuk will direct Arizona's Chandler Symphony in a lively rendition of Strauss.

Clip of the day:

Why they fought:

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