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The Day Ahead: Tuesday, March 22, 2011

By on 3.22.11 | 7:34AM

What to watch for: 

Fukushima wearies as workers continue to try to cool nuclear reactor (USA Today)

The chief investment officer for TARP to step down (New York Times)

President Obama visits El Salvador (Catholic News Agency)

U.S. F-15 crashes near Benghazi in Libya, crew recovered (Telegraph)

On this day in 1765, the British government passed the Stamp Tax on American colonies (

Clip of the Day: 

The NRSC makes hay with Sen. Claire McCaskill's taxpayer-funded plane rides: 

On the main site: 

Living With Three Mile Island, by Jeffrey Lord: Everyday life with an infamous symbol, as Obama sends nuclear carrier Reagan to Japan 

One World Government Obama, by Ben Stein: Wasn't that the Constitution that we just laid to rest?

The First Casualty of War, by Robert Stacy McCain: Obama's attack on Libya leaves liberals wounded.

Mr. Manifest Destiny, by Bill Croke: James Clyman was a mountain man who lived many American lives.

Why I Didn't Renew My Sirius-XM, by Eric Peters: Here's one you can't blame on General Motors.

Nobody Messes Like Joe, by Ken Blackwell: A fitting monument to a bad joke of a train rider.

The Greatest Book in the English Language, by Jonathan Aitken: The King James Bible celebrates its 400th anniversary this year.

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