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Grading Mitch Daniels

By on 3.21.11 | 2:31PM

Steven Hayward shows how to make the conservative case against Mitch Daniels -- and how not to make it. For the purpose of this post, I'll focus on Hayward's case against:

The serious case against Daniels is that he was too eager upon taking office to raise income taxes on upper earners, that his paper-clip-counting ways take frugality to a counterproductive extreme, that his suggestion that we consider cutting defense spending (attacked superficially in the AT piece) is not well thought out or connected to a coherent strategic vision, and that his proposed "truce" on social issues is an unforced fumble that leaves the field open for the disingenuous "safe, legal, and rare" liberals.

Unlike much of the anti-Daniels hysteria, these are just criticisms of the Indiana governor.

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