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The Day Ahead: Tuesday, March 15, 2011

By on 3.15.11 | 9:11AM

What to watch for:

President Obama to give interviews to reporters from regional outlets on education reform (Politico)

Flags at half mast for last WWI veteran Frank Buckles, who will be interred in Arlington National Cemetery today (CNN)

Energy Secretary Steven Chu to give a very timely testimony before a House committee on energy, sure to field questions about nuclear power

Gen. David Petraeus to appear before Congress to testify on the Afghan war both today and tomorrow (The Hill)

House to vote on another, three-week, continuing resolution (Politico)

Ohio governor John Kasich to lay out his reform budget (

Clip of the day:

We are broke:

On the main site:

Too Big to Fail, by W. James Antle III: The belief that government can do no wrong.

It Can Be Done, by Jeffrey Lord: Freshman congressman Tim Huelskamp makes himself plain.

Obama, Sarkozy, Gaddafi, by Roger Kaplan: What is democracy for if you cannot have big public debates?

Social Security's Glimpse into the Left's Priority, by J.T. Young: A non-starter in any deficit reduction talks.

State Department Is AWOL on Religious Liberties, by Ken Blackwell: Sayeed Mussa has finally been fried, no thanks to the Obama administration.

Halfway to Hell, by Jay D. Homnick: In Itamar, a bloody act of random cruelty, during the happiest season of the Jewish calendar.

Seeing the Future Through the Rear-View Window, by Michael Johnson: The wars of the ancient world remain a guide to today's -- as does Victor Davis Hanson.

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