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The DNC’s 2012 Cap-n-Trade Convention

By on 3.14.11 | 1:32PM

For anyone who has even the slightest recollection of uber rent-seeker Duke Energy, the foremost proponent of the global warming agenda (with GE and Exelon) -- which agenda incidentally included in its economic projections the even-then absurd assumption of a crash program to build 100 new nukes to keep the cost of regulating coal out of existence down...mmm hmm -- this should strike you as utterly amazing.

Hate to say it but it's obligatory: imagine if API or the National Mining Association underwrote the Republican convention. No. Wait. The Nuclear Energy Institute.

Watchdogs? Hello? Busy brushing off your usually handy analogies to 1920s/30s corporatist Italy, no doubt...

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