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The Day Ahead: Wednesday, March 9, 2011

By on 3.9.11 | 7:36AM

What to Watch for:

Vice President Biden meets Russian leaders in Moscow to discuss commercial ties (Reuters)

Japan hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake and minor tsunami (BBC)

NASA space shuttle Discovery to make final landing in Cape Canaveral before noon (Fox News)

Michigan Senate Republicans expected to vote on emergency manager bill (Detroit Free Press)

Today on the Main Site

Justice Alito Was Right by William Murchison: Against his eight colleagues, he stood in lonely, honorable dissent.

The Means Testing Temptation by Ross Kaminsky: Republicans will need to resist turning Social Security into a redistributionist welfare program.

On the Side of the Big Battalions by Hal G.P. Colebatch: Overthrowing the worse maniacs in power is not automatic or easy.

Bush Tax Cuts Still Working -- For Now by Peter Ferrara: They've rescued Obama once. After 2012 he'll try to get rid of them again.

Remember Times Square by Aaron Goldstein: What are American Muslims so afraid of?

What the Unions Fear by Peter Hannaford: The return of paycheck protection, as it once was called.

Chariots of Sportsmanship by Lisa Fabrizio: There's a better way to celebrate National Sportsmanship Day.

Takes Two to Contango by Reid Collins: As the man said: There is no shortage of oil.

Clip of the Day:

NPR executive caught on tape calling Tea Party supporters "racist"

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