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The Day Ahead: Thursday, March 3, 2011

By on 3.3.11 | 8:46AM

What to Watch for:

President Obama will meet with Mexico President Felipe Calderon to discuss the idea of U.S. armed agents operating in Mexico (Breitbart)

Rebels deploy around Libyan oil port in Brega (AP)

President Obama will take reports' questions on Libya (Politico)

Pope Pope Benedict XVI exonerates the Jewish people for Christ's death (Breitbart)

Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq, appointed by Mubarak, resigns (LA Times)

Today on the Main Site:

Liberal Wrestlemania by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.: It's not a sex crime?

Quotations From Chairman Ryan by G. Tracy Mehan, III: Shifting from a culture of spending to one of cutting.

Non-Discrimination by Roger Scruton: By penalizing old-fashioned morality you do not make toleration of the new morality more likely.

Time for a Congressional Conclave by James M. Thunder: How might we nudge this Congress and future Congresses to meet their obligations?

The Royale Treatment by Christopher Orlet: A remembrance of corner taverns gone by.

In Defense of American Exceptionalism by Herman Cain: Unfortunately, some politicians have either forgotten or chosen to ignore the glory of our founding.

Meet Jonathan by Michael Johnson: Who is this sensational boy conductor?

Clip of the Day:

U.S. Rep. Trent Franks thinks it's feasible to impeach President Obama over the Defense of Marriage Act

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