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The Day Ahead: Wednesday, March 2, 2011

By on 3.2.11 | 9:00AM

What to Watch for:

Libyan leader Gaddafi launches attack on the rebel town of al-Brega (Washington Post)

Secretary of State Clinton will go before two Senate committees to discuss state and foreign operations (Politico)

Apple reveals the new iPad 2 (USA Today)

President Obama awards the 2010 National Medal of Arts to Meryl Streep and 19 others (CBS News)

Clip of the Day:

The breakdown of potential Republican candidates (CNN)

Today on the Main Site:

Comeback Cowboy by W. James Antle, III: George Allen's boots are made for walking back into the Senate. But with Tea Party challengers, is that just what they'll do?

Waiver Goodbye to Obama by Ross Kaminsky: No matter what he's selling, states know there's no way out of the fiscal trainwreck that is Obamacare.

They're All Detroit Democrats Now by Peter Ferrara: As they resist budget restraint and Wisconsin's reforms, their ideal becomes a crumbling city where government accounts for 40 percent of available jobs.

Daddy Dimmest by Aram Bakshian, Jr.: Ron Reagan, author of My Father at 100, was the baby of the family.

Leveling Justice: Tax Code as Moral Code by Hunter Baker: New insights into income inequality and the redistribution of wealth as a purported remedy.

Inhuman Rights at the UN by Aaron Goldstein: Condemning the same Libya it was about to commend.

On Bush's 'March of Freedom': Answering My Critics by Paul Kengor: Is the Middle East really destined to remain hopeless?

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