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Don’t Support AFL-CIO? ‘Bad Jew!’

By on 2.23.11 | 11:30PM

Young Tea Party activist Tabitha Hale got roughed up Wednesday by one of the union protesters who were picketing outside Miss Hale's employer, Freedomworks. The incident was caught on video and, although utterly ignored by the liberal media, was extensively blogged by conservatives, including Michelle Malkin.

In another incident at the same protest, also captured on video, one of the union picketers made a comment about a lack of diversity among the FreedomWork activists. When a FreedomWorks supporter responded that he was Jewish, this prompted a young woman in the AFL-CIO mob to begin yelling that he was "bad Jew!"

So it would appear, based on this woman's rant, that Richard Trumka has become the High Priest of Righteous Judaism -- which is kind of strange, considering that Trumka's Italian.

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